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Installation  of  energy efficient condensing boilers in North London, Heating Engineer and Boiler Repair in Stoke Newington, Crouch End , Highgate Islington and other parts of Central and North London

Heating Efficiency and Condensing Technology Weather Compensation explained:

How do condensing boilers work?

Many people know that condensing boilers are more efficient than the generation of boilers that went before; but less people know that installing a condensing boiler may do little to reduce gas consumption if you don’t also use the right controls.*

A condensing boilers effectively recycles heat that would otherwise escape to the ouitside air through its flue. It achieves this by causing the gases given off by the burning process to condense, and form liquid in the boilers heat exchanger and in its flue. So the heat from the waste gases is transferred to the heat exchanger via the liquid condensate

The problem is that the gases will only condense up to 57C (for the technically minded this is known as the dew point of a gas). So there is a big advantage in making a condensing boiler operate at a relatively low temperature

To achieve this it is important to use the correct controls

For the last ten years a form of central heating control has been available in Europe, and is used widely, in Germany and Holland in particular. It’s called Weather Compensation, and is an outside sensor which measures the outside temperature. By knowing what the outside temperature is, the boiler can predict how much heat to send to the radiators to achieve a steady even temperature inside the house. The user can alter the temperature inside by a dial in a very similar way to the dial of a conventional thermostat.

Temperatures in London are fairly moderate, so the boiler rarely has to raise its temperature beyond the level at which it condenses. Only on very cold winter days and nights will the boiler raise it temperature to its maximum. According to Viessmann, the German company making some of the best quality boilers available, the use of Weather Compensation can reduce energy consumption by 15% compared with a conventional room thermostat.

Weather Compensation is the form of heat control my company recommends the most. But even if you don’t have that, a modulating room thermostat will prevent your boiler from racing up to its highest temperature, and will help it to stay condensing for longer periods. Conventional room thermostats do not work in the same way.

My company can also provide controls that keep the boiler condensing for longer as it heats a hot water cylinder. Again, a conventional cylinder thermostat will not work in the same way.

All of these heating controls are widely available from firms like Vaillant and Viessmann and Atag