A New Wave of Innovation with Linked Equipment

Embrace the future with Linked Equipment’s innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs! We’re more than just a company; we’re a collection of solution-driven ideas aimed at offering top-notch modular offices, state-of-the-art shipping container kitchens, and cozy container homes.

Unraveling the Future with Our Modular Office Solutions

From conceptualizing, designing, to construction of modular offices, we make your dream workspace a reality in no time. Our modular office solutions are not only efficient and cost-effective but also environmentally- friendly, ensuring the utmost comfort and prosperity of your business.

Turning Dreams into Reality with Shipping Container Kitchens and Homes

Imagine transforming a basic shipping container into a swanky gourmet kitchen or even a home! At Linked Equipment, we’re passionate about revolutionizing modern living and cooking spaces, making the unthinkable happen.

Mobile Restroom Solutions, A Class Apart

Vowing for functionality and quality, our mobile restroom solutions stand out as a testament to our dedication toward providing the best for our discerning clients. Enhance your hosting experience with our restrooms that offer the luxury of a five-star hotel in a portable setting!