Chill Out with Allied Aire, Inc.

Have you ever woken up to realize your nose could double as a popsicle? Or has your partner professed they could cook an egg on their forehead because the AC has given up its ghost? Neither situation is ideal, and that’s where Allied Aire, Inc. steps in, heating and cooling connoisseurs and general heroes in Cornelius, NC.

Say Goodbye to Eskimo Living

Don’t pull another night under twelve blankets. With our leading furnace installation service in Cornelius, NC, we’re not just getting rid of your extra layers; we’re offering a lifetime solution to your winter chills.

Take a drive from Davidson in NC, you won’t miss the homes with smoke billowing out their chimneys. Clueless homeowners struggling with those temperamental, Jurassic-aged furnaces. Don’t be a part of this party!

Summer Meltdowns? Not Here!

Are you in Mooresville, NC and you’re about to single handedly reignite the ice bucket challenge because it’s the only way to cool down? Stop. Contact Allied Aire, Inc. for top-tier, life-changing HVAC installation. We promise, it’s less hassle than filling a bucket with ice.