Debunking Guidelines: HVAC and Plumbing Myths Unveiled with Frank Gay Commercial Services, LLC

In the world of Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing, several myths tend to circulate, sometimes leading to unnecessary, expensive activities. Well, it’s time to debunk these within the regions of Orlando, FL, Oviedo, FL, Altamonte Springs, FL & Winter Park, FL. This enlightening piece by Frank Gay Commercial Services, LLC will enhance your knowledge about these vital services.

Myth #1: Frequent HVAC Maintenance Isn’t Necessary

The first common misbelief can cost you big. It’s the myth that HVAC systems don’t require routine check-ups by a professional commercial HVAC company. In reality, having regular inspections and maintenance can catch small issues before they grow into bigger, pricier ones. It even helps in prolonging the life of the system and ensuring its optimal operation.

Myth #2: Cranking up the Thermostat Heats or Cools Faster

Another misconception is that turning your thermostat to extreme temperatures will heat or cool your space faster. Contrary to this belief, your HVAC system will work at the same rate, regardless of the thermostat setting. An AC company can attest that such actions don’t speed up the process and only consume unnecessary energy.

Myth #3: Closing Vents in Unused Rooms Saves Energy

You might think closing vents in unused areas will save energy costs. However, modern HVAC systems are designed for balanced air distribution throughout your space. Shutting vents can disrupt this balance and force the system to work harder, leading to less efficiency and even system damage.

Myth #4: Plumbing Fixtures Don’t Require Regular Attention

Finally, in plumbing services, the myth that fixtures do not need regular maintenance is widespread. This can lead to leakages, low-pressure water, among other challenges. Regular maintenance by a professional plumbing company ensures your pipes and fixtures stay in a functional condition for a lot longer.

Being an informed consumer is crucial. It not only saves you money but also prevents unnecessary stress and disturbances caused by emergency breakdowns. For trustworthy and professional maintenance in Orlando, FL, Oviedo, FL, Altamonte Springs, FL & Winter Park, FL, consider Frank Gay Commercial Services, LLC, your partner in debunking HVAC and plumbing myths.