Embrace Comfort with American Home Heating & AC

Providing comprehensive furnace repair and heating & cooling solutions, American Home Heating & AC is a pioneer in establishing comfortable environments across East Providence, RI. The company takes pride in ensuring that you stay cozy during winter and cool during summer, no matter how harsh the weather becomes outside. With a high commitment to quality, American Home Heating & AC has been keeping homes and offices at the perfect temperature for decades.

Expert Technicians for Reliable Services

What separates American Home Heating & AC from others is its team of proficient technicians. They are experienced in maintaining, diagnosing, and fixing any furnace and conditioning system. Whether it’s a simple tune-up task or a complex repair, they can take care of it all. Moreover, the residents of Cranston have never had to worry about their heating and cooling needs as our team responds and resolves their issues promptly. Discover more about our services and how we can help you maintain a comfortable home all year round.