Innovative Modular Solutions at Linked Equipment

Linked Equipment stands as a beacon of innovation, revolutionizing industrial spaces with their shipping container kitchens and mobile office solutions. These innovative spaces, crafted out of sturdy shipping containers, extend an easy and efficient solution to businesses seeking to expand their services swiftly and effectively. The kitchens, complete with modern amenities and hygienic provisions, aid businesses in meeting increased demand without compromising on quality or safety.

Efficient Mobile and Modular Office Solutions

Moving beyond just shipping container kitchens, Linked Equipment also specializes in mobile office solutions. They create perfect spaces for businesses that are in transition, need additional workspace, or require customizable solutions for unique needs. Enjoy all the advantages of a traditional office set up, plus the flexibility and convenience of mobility.

Comprehensive Restroom and Office Construction Services

Linked Equipment takes its expertise up a notch with modular restroom and office construction services. Clients get to choose a layout that best suits their requirements, promising a quick turn-around time without compromising on building standards and quality. Mobile restroom solutions are ideal for businesses needing to cater to guests and staff in a remote location or outdoor event.