Keeping Your Home Cool: Long’s Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair Guide

When the summer heat threatens to invade your home, there is one hero that stands between comfort and smothering humidity- your air conditioner. However, without the right maintenance and repair, you might find yourself in a sweaty predicament. For residents in Sebring, Wauchula, Avon Park, Babson Park, and Frostproof, FL, our team at Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc. is here to offer some tips and help when needed.

Regular Maintenance: The Key to Better Performance

Regular AC maintenance is crucial to ensure a longer lifespan and efficient performance of your unit. Start by replacing or cleaning your filters every one to two months. A dirty filter restricts airflow and makes your system work harder than it should, leading to a decline in performance and potential breakdowns.

The outside unit should also be kept free of debris to facilitate sufficient airflow. Always switch off your unit before you start any cleaning or maintenance work. Also, remember to schedule professional AC maintenance annually for a comprehensive check and repair of all components.

AC Repairs and Replacement – When Do You Need It?

Every air conditioning system will need repairs at some point, and when that time comes, do not hesitate to find a professional AC repair near you. Signs of necessary repairs might include strange noises, a surge in energy bills, insufficient cooling, or the unit frequently cycling on and off. A prompt repair can prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems or even a complete system failure.

Sometimes, when repairs become frequent and the unit’s performance declines significantly, AC replacement may be needed. For older systems of 10-15 years or beyond,  replacement would not only save on repair costs but also on energy bills due to the greater efficiency of modern units.

Remember, your comfort is key to your well being. Taking good care of your AC will lead to a happier, cooler home.