The Apollo Heating & Cooling, Inc. Way: Serving Warren, Roseville, and Saint Clair Shores, MI and Beyond

At Apollo Heating & Cooling, Inc., we understand the need for a comfortable, breath-easy environment. Operating throughout Warren, Roseville, and Saint Clair Shores in Michigan, our business is determined to offer top-notch services spanning AC repair, AC maintenance, air conditioning service, HVAC contracting, and AC installations across these towns.

Understanding our services – Focusing on AC Repairs and Maintenance

Trust is built on experience and we pride ourselves on having spent years perfecting our craft in AC repair, especially in Warren. Our team of experts diagnose issues accurately and quickly, ensuring your equipment is back up and running in no time. Beyond repairs, we understand that regular maintenance is key in the overall health and performance of any AC unit. Hence, we specialize in AC maintenance in Roseville, carrying out comprehensive checks and servicing to prevent any upcoming issues.

Bringing Expert Air Conditioning Service and HVAC Contracting

Air conditioning service in Saint Clair Shores, MI is another intricate part of our offerings, ensuring your unit is not only fixed but optimized for maximum performance. At Apollo, we value the importance of education, and our technicians are schooled and updated on the latest industry standards of HVAC systems. As reliable HVAC contractors, we offer upgrades and replacements helping customers navigate the complex heating and cooling landscape with ease.

Leading in AC Installation

In addition to the regular maintenance and emergency repair work that we carry out daily, Apollo Heating & Cooling, Inc. is reputed as a leading authority in AC installation across Michigan. Our installations are meticulous, and we ensure we only stock and install AC units from reputable brands. No matter your AC needs, at Apollo, there’s always a solution.